Hi there!

Welcome to Bongo Travel Junkies.

My name is Augustine, born and grew up in Tanzania. I love travelling and everything about it all. I have visited more than 15 regions in Tanzania since 2015 and wrote about them. In addition I have been to Mozambique, South Africa and Ghana. Bongo Travel Junkies is a Company that provides Beach Activities, Various Tour Excursions, Safari within Tanzania, East Africa.

I started travelling in 2014 after High school and before I knew it I was giving advises online for other travelers. In 2015 I started a blog “Tanzania Travel Diary”transformed it to a company. In June 2019 the former became the current Bongo Travel Junkies and I am determined to continue all the works I did.

Be free to wander on my website shop for tour and except nothing less than professional services.