­čôŹNungwi, Zanzibar.
This is a prime touristic village in Zanzibar and famous for years. I never had an opportunity to capture some of her germs the way I did yesterday.

Things to do/enjoy in Nungwi;

1. The Beach
Yes this is the most important part, it doesn’t have cleanest beach yet because large part is not owned by hotels and there is need for conservation. However the beach is number one to enjoy, go on low tide and swim.

2. Sunset/Sunrise – Golden Hour
For photography maniacs and for wonderers then you know what I mean. The sunrise and set on Nungwi is spectacular amazing, the bursting of rays through coconut trees, walls, it’s something spectacular.

3. Fish Market and Dhow Carving
Up the edge of Nungwi there is a fish market. Get there early morning or late evening when fishermen bring the catches and enjoy to witness the biggest catch of the day. Next to it is a small local crafting business of Dhows. Get to chat with them and learn everything about Dhows, this tradition is not going to stop anything soon!

4. Aquariums
Yes Yes Yes! Both Mnarani and Baraka aquariums gives you an opportunity to swim and feed sea turtles. They also run conservation for them and help to nurse their babies.

5. Soccer
Don’t be surprised why I said. But soccer/football is a universal language and so do Nungwi people. Don’t get bored in hotel room, get out in evening and ask for local ground and go watch how they play. You can ask to join any team and pray. This is such a cool thing to do, if there are many of you then form a team and challenge the local team. Would also be good gesture to support locals with soccer balls, trust me they will always treasure that!

6. Walk In Village
Get out and walk into village, wonder around and see how locals live their lives. Please take note, do not take picture is any one without their consent. There will be children run after you, do not give them money or sweets it destroys them. Greet them and if you can communicate with them enjoy conversation, the best thing is to meet elders. Am sure if you feel moved there is a thing you can help but not on street.

7. Watersports

There are more than 100 operators in the area including beach boys. They are all vending services from sunsert cruises, snorkelling, kayaking and more. So work with anyone you feel is worth and enjoy. Also you can arrange for diving programs right from Nungwi.

I hope this help you to understand few things about Nungwi. If there is anything I left and you would like it to be included let me know.

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